Neurorehabilitation algorithms for functional recovery and amelioration of the quality of life of neurological and neurosurgical patients

Journal of Physiotherapy & Physical Rehabilitation

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Neurorehabilitation algorithms for functional recovery and amelioration of the quality of life of neurological and neurosurgical patients

6th International Conference & Exhibition on Physiotherapy & Physical Rehabilitation

August 13-14, 2018 | London, UK

Ivet B. Koleva

 Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Keynote: Physiother Rehabil

Abstract :

The goal of current work is to prove and evaluate the efficacy of application of different modalities and methods of the physical and rehabilitation medicine (PRM) on independence and quality of life of neurological patients. We effectuate a composition, clinical application and approbation of complex neuro rehabilitation algorithms in patients with neurological and with neuro surgical conditions. Patients were divided into a lot of groups and subgroups, in each one we applied a different neuro rehabilitation complex, composed by a synergic combination of natural and pre formed physical modalities like electrical currents, laser, cryo, thermo agents, hydro, balneotherapy, peloido therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Patients were controlled before, during and at the end of the neuro rehabilitation course and one month after its end using a battery of traditional and contemporaneous objective methods like tests and scales for motor deficiency, balance and coordination, functional grip of the upper limb, gait and independent motion, independence in activities in daily living (ADL) like self service, family, professional and social life depression and anxiety, visual analogue scale of pain, vibroesthesiometry, thermosensibility, laser Doppler flowmetry, ICF asessment. Based on detailed qualitative and quantitative evaluation we proved the efficacy of application of different neuro rehabilitation programmes on different types and levels of sensory, motor and functional deficiency. In conclusion we emphazise on the capacity of physical modalities for functional recovery and amelioration of independence in everyday life of patients with diseases and conditions of the nervous systems.

Biography :

Ivet B Koleva is a Medical Doctor specialized in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in Neurology with European certification in PRM. She has completed three scientific thesis, PhD in PRM, PhD in Pedagogics, Doctor of Medical Sciences in PRM. Currently, she is a Professor at the Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria. She has published more than 100 papers in Bulgarian and international scientific journals and author of a lot of monographs and manuals in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurorehabilitation, neuro ergotherapy, grasp and gait rehabilitation, functional evaluation, pain management.



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