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Nanoshell – A novel tool for cancer treatment

2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs

November 23-24, 2012 Hyderabad International Convention Centre, India

Spoorthy Paladi

Posters: Pharmaceut Reg Affairs

Abstract :

Nanoshell plasmons are a novel type of composite spherical nanoparticles consisting of a dielectric core covered by a thin metallic shell which is typically gold. Nanoshells possess highly favorable optical and chemical properties for biomedical imaging and cancer treatment. By varying the relative dimensions of the core and shell the optical resonance of these nanoparticles can be precisely and systematically varied over a broad region ranging from the near U.V to the mid IR. This review article includes the synthesis and properties of gold nanoshells, transport mechanisms of nanoshells in to tumors and illustrate how the core/shell ratio and overall size of a nanoshell influences its scattering and absorption properties, and also describes several examples of nanoshell based diagnostic and therapeutic approaches including the development of nanoshell bioconjugates for molecular imaging, the use of scattering nanoshells as contrast agents for optical coherence tomography (OCT), and the use of absorbing nanoshells in NIR thermal therapy of tumors.

Biography :

P. Spoorthy had completed B.Pharmacy from Vignan institute of pharmaceutical sciences. She is pursuing M.Pharmacy in Gokaraju Rangaraju College of Pharmacy.

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