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Metabolomics- A comprehensive tool for drug discovery and development

2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs

November 23-24, 2012 Hyderabad International Convention Centre, India

Raju Dash

Accepted Abstracts: Pharmaceut Reg Affairs

Abstract :

Biology is in the midst of intellectual and experimental sea change. Essentially the discipline is moving from being a largely data poor science to a data rich science. Since recent years the work on biological and metabolic network has been increasing due to the new biological discoveries and essential metabolites. Metabolomics being a burgeoning field, which produces voluminous data that, like other �omics� data, should be seen as a resource that contributes specifically to the former half of an iterative cycle of hypothesis-generating and hypothesis- testing phases. Metabolomics is now one of the major fields of omics which play a key role during drug discovery. Efficient identification of drug targets is one of major challenges for drug discovery and drug development. Traditional approaches to drug target identification include literature search-based target prioritization and in vitro binding assays which are both time-consuming and labor intensive. Computational integration of different knowledge sources is a more effective alternative. Wealth of omics data generated from genomics, proteomics and metabolomics techniques changes the way researchers view drug targets and provides unprecedent opportunities for drug target identification. This reviews will provide a clear concept about the current status and future role of �metabolomics � as a tool in the drug development process to reduce the safety related attrition rates and bridge the gaps between preclinical and clinical, and clinical and market. It was also suggested that the ability to diagnose the early onset of disease, rapidly, non-invasively and unequivocally has multiple benefits. These include the early intervention of therapeutic strategies leading to a reduction in morbidity and mortality, and the releasing of economic resources within overburdened health care systems. Some of the routine clinical tests currently in use are known to be unsuitable or unreliable. In addition, these often rely on single disease markers which are inappropriate when multiple factors are involved. Many diseases are a result of metabolic disorders, therefore it is logical to measure metabolism directly. One of the strategies employed by the emergent science of metabolomics is metabolic -fingerprinting; which involves rapid, highthroughput global analysis to discriminate between samples of different biological status or origin .This reviews also focus on a selective number of recent studies metabolomics gives a best contribution into the novel technologies for monitoring disease development, drug metabolism, and chemical toxicology.

Biography :

Mr. Raju Dash is a student of Bachelor of pharmacy (B. Pharm), in the Department of Pharmacy of BGC Trust University Bangladesh, from January 2010 to till the date and will complete B. Pharm at December 2013. Mr. Raju has published more than 5 research and review papers in reputed International and national Journal. He participated in many seminars and conferences in home to present his research activities. His research work based on Phytochemistry, Pharmacology, Molecular biology, Infectious diseases and Bioinformatics. He is a life member of Association of Pharmacy Professionals (APP), India. He is interested in Clinical Research, Nano-technology, Molecular medicine and Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics.

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