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Lee silverman voice treatment BIG for parkinson’s disease in king faisal specialist hospital and research center, SA

7th International Conference & Exhibition on Physiotherapy & Physical Rehabilitation

March 25-26, 2019 | Rome, Italy

Dalal Algouth

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and RC, Saudi Arabia

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Abstract :

Background: As the increase in the need for geriatric care in KSA, more work is needed to ensure proper services are provided for Movement Disorders (MD) patients in general and Parkinson???s disease (PD) patients in particular. Fadi Y., (2015) reported that between the 253 patients in Saudi Arabia with movement disorder 50% of them diagnosed with PD. The good news is that the patients have become more aware of the important role that PT plays in treatment of PD.

Study design: The case study was used to high light the role of physical therapy in the treatment of Parkinson???s disease.

Case Description: 62 years old Saudi Male had been diagnosed with Parkinson disease stage 2, and complain of slowness of gait, difficulty arising from chair, stopped posture, tremors right side. The physical therapist made measurements at pretest, posttest, and 6 min. walk follow up.

Finding: Difficulty in bed mobility, functional problems such as slowness and festination of gait and going through the door, elevator, and difficulty to pick object from the floor.

Management & Outcomes: the patient received four times/week one hour per session for four weeks included: Lee Silverman Voice Treatment BIG (LSVT BIG), functional training such as sit to stand, and hierarchy activities.

Discussions: this case study showed that the LSVT BIG protocol demonstrated improvement outcomes in several key areas, such as improving in speed, overcoming the bradykinesia in functional activities.

Biography :

Dalal Algouth is a Senior Physical Therapist. She has completed his/her MPT and DPT at Loma Linda University. She is specialized in Lee Silverman Voice Treatment BIG program since 2014 and has treated over 20 cases with successful result.She teaches courses in different regions in Saudi Arabia to enhance the awareness about this program.

E-mail: [email protected]


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