Integrative nutrition and chronic diseases

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Integrative nutrition and chronic diseases

Joint Event on International Conference on Diabetes and Cholesterol Metabolism & 2nd World Heart Rhythm Conference & 2nd International Conference on Obesity and Diet Imbalance

November 25-26, 2019 | Dubai, UAE

Emran Dawoud

The Wellness Center, Kuwait

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Abstract :

Wellness is a health program based on integrative nutrition, which is a comprehensive nutrition program that integrates dietary needs with lifestyle variables including physical activity, relationships, spiritual practices, and career. It promotes the idea of connecting the health of the body, mind and soul. In the past decade there has been a growing epidemic of obesity and diabetes worldwide and this has been attributed to several factors, such as poor dietary habits and sedentary lifestyles. The aim of our program is to tackle this epidemic. Dietary changes are the first line of treatment for type 2 diabetes. These changes usually revolve around reducing sugar intake; however studies have shown that a more detailed dietary plan is required to enhance the sensitivity to insulin. Varying degrees of carbohydrate intake affect the metabolic process. For example, a low-carb diet requires the release of insulin to metabolize glucose through the mTOR signalling pathway, while in a ketogenic diet, the depletion of glycogen stores results in the release of insulin through the AMPK pathway. Dietary plans are based on caloric intake and/or the constituent macronutrients; those two factors affect the metabolic activity of an individual, but are not the sole contributors. The concept of integrative nutrition assesses the impact of other factors on the metabolic process. Metabolism occurs through a chain of chemical reactions during which different enzymes and hormones are released. This process is affected by the previously mentioned life style variables. A recent study showed that chronic stress causes massive release of glutamate which acts on certain neuro-receptors, resulting in the activation of a specific enzyme that prevents cell adhesion causing cognitive impairment. An integrative approach to dietary plans and lifestyle changes offers patients a practical tool to gain control over their obesity and diabetes. Our main goal with Wellness is to combat this epidemic and guide clients on their journey to a healthier life. In my integrative nutrition practice as a counsellor, several diabetic clients managed to control their sugar and reduce it to acceptable limits within the six months duration of the program. They also managed to control their hypertension and consequently reduce their weight, thereby improving their overall health.

Biography :

Emran Dawoud completed his Ph.D. in Health Physics which is part of the Nuclear Engineering Department from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Started his career at Oak Ridge National Laboraory, Oak Ridge, TN and Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. Also filled several faculty positions at different schools in the US, Kuwait and Jordan. Five years ago, his wife was diagnosed with triple negative Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. In his journey looking for answers to the root causes of cancer, earned an Integrative Nutrition diploma from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York and became an activist promoting life style changes to overcome common chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, cognitive diseases and autoimmune diseases.

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