India Ayurvedha -Siddha treatment for Leukemia and other cancers

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India Ayurvedha -Siddha treatment for Leukemia and other cancers

Joint Event on 4th Annual Conference on Preventive Oncology & 4th Annual Conference on Gynecologic Oncology, Reproductive Disorders Maternal-Fetal Medicine & Obstetrics

July 18-19, 2018 | Atlanta, USA

James Vaidyan

Sidda Ayurvedha Clinic, India

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Remission is faster, without debilitating negative side effects. Intricate course of repeated refining, elaborate processing and enrichment of formulations make these medicines superior and they work in a highly efficient manner. A patient recovering from disease under such treatment is like a new physical being, with the body undergoing total regeneration. Cancer cells are strategically clever, they do not follow physiological orders, and divide on their own to form a community (tumors). To avail more enrichment and nourishment they pipe line new blood vessels to the tumor. Also changes happen in DNA of nucleus which has complete control over the cells. Chemotherapy controls cancer cell division, but whatever changes made in combination drugs used in chemo, work only for some time after which cancer becomes medicine resistant; and the disease relapses. Currently cancer treatments do not envisage boosting of immunity of human body through which its defense mechanism becomes more efficient to fight against cancer. Chemotherapy, using chemical drugs, is much inferior to this ancient Indian remedy with respect to the success level in treating cancers, debilitating bad side effects and most importantly regenerating the entire cells in the body system. The basic principle of this methodology is to strengthen and equip our own T cells in the blood; they become capable to fight against cancer. But medical science knows that the T cells, most often, are not able to recognize cancer cells. That is why cancer has become this threatening disease. The amazing intelligence that is there within the physiology could potentially be enlivened though Vedic medicines so that T cells work at a superior dimension. Simultaneously antibody proteins are produced automatically to work against molecules appearing out of cancer cells. These antibodies search and destroy cancer cells, without damaging other parts of human body. Ancient Vedic sciences were developed by Maharishis. Medicines are prepared through elaborate processing. We are following exactly the same procedures that have been practiced by masters, taking many months of time to complete one formulation processing. We are working in humble facilities and stringent financial condition. I have treated dozens of cancer patients- different types of cancers including leukemia. Patients are improving much faster than the best hospital treatment anywhere in the world. Even in salvage treatment, patients come back to life. The quality of life that they are enjoying is tremendously different from how cancer patients live and suffer under chemotherapy, radiation and drug treatment. As a Vaidya, I am much concerned about the sufferings and loss of life of many, especially the children, with modern science still not completely successful in curing cancers. It is my earnest wish to integrate the ancient Indian science with CAM research or/and health care programs for the larger benefit of humanity. I am seeking for right people/ Universities /Research Institutions for Collaboration and knowledge transfer for better utilization of this esoteric knowledge for the benefit of entire humanity

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