Gait analyisis by video grabbed frame sketching, alternative to gait lab analysis

Journal of Physiotherapy & Physical Rehabilitation

ISSN: 2573-0312

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Gait analyisis by video grabbed frame sketching, alternative to gait lab analysis

7th International Conference & Exhibition on Physiotherapy & Physical Rehabilitation

March 25-26, 2019 | Rome, Italy

Khin Maung Bo

Rehab Medicine Service, Barnard Court Health Centre, UK

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: Physiother Rehabil

Abstract :

It is easy to use joint range of movement (ROM) as an outcome measure after intervention like botulinum toxin injection (BTI) in the treatment of spasticity. But, it is difficult sometimes to say if that ROM improvement leads to gait improvement. The objective is to sketch grab frames from video capture to assess gait improvement. This is a single case study. Forty-year-old gentleman who is suffering from multiple sclerosis received BTI in calf muscles of both legs in August 2016. Three weeks after the treatment, both ankle dorsiflexion had improved from -10° to neutral. The gentleman was saying there was no change in the way he walked. Sketches (Initial Contact phase & Initial Swing phase) were made from video grab frames before and after BTI. There was improvement in terms of symmetry of trunk (due to less hip hitching) and stride length (due to improve ankle ROM sketching grab frames from the video capture is an effective way of assessing gait improvement and is a good alternative to gait lab and is much cheaper and quicker.

Biography :

Khin Maung Bo is involved in Neurorehabilitation for over 20 years. He is also a Lecturer in Hull and York Medical School teaching 4th Year Medical Students in CNS and Musculoskeletal Blocks. He is doing botulinum toxin injection in spasticity, dystonia and involuntary movement disorders over 15 years and done Poster presentations and Oral Presentations in International NeuroRehabilitation Conferences. He is also involved in using functional electrical stimulation over 10 years and presented regularly in International FES Conferences. He is working on developing Hypertonic Hand Monitoring Scale. He recently Published another Bedside Test In Neurology.



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