Formulation and evaluation of Mucoadhesive nasal gels of anti-emetic drug (Metaclopramide)

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs: Open Access

ISSN: 2167-7689

Open Access

Formulation and evaluation of Mucoadhesive nasal gels of anti-emetic drug (Metaclopramide)

2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs

November 23-24, 2012 Hyderabad International Convention Centre, India

P. Mohan, S. Sharma, G. Parth, M. P. Khinchi, D. Agrawal, N. Sharma and M. P. Kabra

Accepted Abstracts: Pharmaceut Reg Affairs

Abstract :

The prolonged residence of drug formulation in the nasal cavity is of utmost importance for intranasal drug delivery. The objective of the present investigation was to develop a mucoadhesive in situ gel with reduced nasal mucocilliary clearance in order to improve the bioavailability of the antiemetic drug, Metaclopramide. The in situ gelation upon contact with nasal mucosa was conferred via the use of the thermogelling Methyl cellulose whereas mucoadhesion and drug release enhancement were modulated via the use of sodium alginate and polyethylene glycol polymers respectively. The results revealed that the mucoadhesive polymer increased the gel viscosity but reduced its sol gel transition temperatures and the drug release. The inclusion of polyethylene glycol polymer counteracted the effect of mucoadhesive polymer where by it decreased the gel consistency and increased the sol gel transition as well as in vitro drug diffusion. The in vitro tests performed for mucoadhesive strength and drug diffusion showed that nasal in situ gelling formulations prepared are having good mucoadhesive strength with nearly 100% drug diffusion within 4 hours. So this study points to the potential of mucoadhesive nasal gel in terms of ease of administration, accuracy of dosing, prolonged nasal residence and improved nasal bioavailability.

Biography :

Paresh Mohan completed B. Pharma in 2011 from Kota College of Pharmacy, Kota (RAJ.). Presently he is an M. Pharma. (Pharmaceutics) Student in Kota College of Pharmacy, Kota (Rajasthan). Paresh is having 3 International review articles and He is attended 1 National conferences in Solan (H.P.). His Research Guide is Dr. M.P. Khinchi is having 15 International Research Articles, 20 International Review Articles and he is Attended 12 National Conferences.


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