Different wavelengths of light on egg production and myostatin in native and dual purpose hens

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Different wavelengths of light on egg production and myostatin in native and dual purpose hens

2nd Indo-Global Summit & Expo on Veterinary

October 26-28, 2015 Hyderabad, India

I J Reddy, S Mondal, A Mishra and R K Gorti

National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, India

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Abstract :

In broilers and layers, lighting programs employed are not standardized and likely will never be. However, when one considers all of the variables involved in the rearing of broilers and the objectives of poultry rearing, this is no surprise. Weight, feed intake, FCR, enhancing skeletal muscle growth, bird├?┬ó├?┬?├?┬?s health and mortality data are needed to customize the lighting programs of the future. Research and the popular use of broiler lighting programs provide data and an endorsement of the derived benefits. Broiler birds lighting programs in concert with the proper genetics, environment, nutrition and management create the best in welfare for the birds and performance. However, weight gain and feed cost is the major problem in the poultry. With the latest innovations, it is possible to advance the weight gain in native, dual purpose birds with available managemental tools by a week or two to combat the feed cost and more returns to farmers. Further, excess fat deposition represents the principal source of inefficiency in animal production. Enhancing skeletal muscle growth and suppressing carcass fat deposition is expected to significantly improve the efficiency of meat animal production and feed utilization, as well as providing health benefits to consumers. This review focuses on the effect of light illumination (and also RNAi) against myostatin on skeletal muscle growth of the chicken and attaining more weight gain earlier. Myostatin has shown to be the most potent negative regulator of skeletal muscle growth. It was reported that light illumination during embryogenesis and postnatal period plays a role in proliferation and subsequent differentiation of adult myoblasts and influences myofiber growth as evident by a higher number of uniform myofibers. This needs to be studied for optimizing managemental practices to combat high feed costs at the end user level.

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