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Development of floating matrix tablet of losartan potassium

2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs

November 23-24, 2012 Hyderabad International Convention Centre, India

K. Ramesh, Anil Getyala, H. V. Gangadharappa and N. Vishal Gupta

Posters: Pharmaceut Reg Affairs

Abstract :

Floating matrix tablets were prepared by direct compression method employing polypropylene foam powder (Accurel? MP 1000), karaya gum and chitosan. Tablets were characterized by FT-IR, DSC studies and evaluated for floating lag time, duration of buoyancy, friability, hardness, thickness, weight variation, swelling studies, drug content, in vitro drug release studies and in vivo studies. FT- IR and DSC studies showed that there is no interaction between the drug and excipients. The tablets shows zero floating lag time and remained buoyant for more than 12 h achieving the gastric retention properties. All evaluation parameters were within the pharmacopoeial limits. The in vitro drug release for losartan potassium was sustained up to 12 h and release rates were fitted into an empirical equation to compute the diffusion parameter which indicates a super case II- transport mechanism. X- ray photographs confirms presence of tablet in rabbit stomach for more than 12 h. The studies concluded that floating matrix tablets could be used as gastro retentive drug delivery systems in view of its floating in stomach.

Biography :

K.Ramesh is a student of JSS College of Pharmacy, JSS University, Mysore, Karnataka, India. He has completed his B Pharm from JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysore during the year 2011. Presently he is pursuing M Pharm in Industrial Pharmacy in JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysore. His current area of interest is in NDDS.

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