Confirmatory immunological tests to detect antibodies against foot-and-mouth disease virus nonstructural proteins

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Confirmatory immunological tests to detect antibodies against foot-and-mouth disease virus nonstructural proteins

Global Veterinary Microbiology and Veterinary Medicine Summit

October 17-18, 2016 Chicago, USA

Anuj Tewari, Antonello Di Nardo, Krupali Parekh, David James Paton, Javier Guitian and Satya Parida

The Pirbright Institute, UK
University of London, UK

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Abstract :

Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is a highly contagious disease of domestic and wild cloven hoofed animals. FMD outbreaks in endemic countries are controlled by biannual vaccination whereas in FMD free countries stamping out of infected and contact susceptible animals along with zoo-sanitary measures with or without restricted emergency vaccination is advocated followed by a rigid sero-surveillance to substantiate freedom from the FMD infection. Vaccination elicits antibodies against structural proteins (SPs) of FMD virus and infection against both structural and non-structural proteins (NSPs). Therefore detection of FMDV NSP antibodies in vaccinated animals can be used for differentiating infected from vaccinated animals (DIVA). Currently the most widely used NSP ELISA is the PrioCHECK├?┬« FMDV NS test. However for the absolute detection of infection in vaccinated population with a high degree of confidence, the current screening test does need another confirmatory test. Therefore, in this study six indirect protein/peptide (2B, 2C, 3B, 3ABC, 3CD and 3D) ELISAs were developed and validated using bovine sera samples extracted from experimental vaccinated-subsequently infected animals, a well established serum panel, known clinically positive animals in field outbreak and large number of naive animals. The sensitivity and specificity of three ELISAs (2B, 3B and 3ABC) were comparable to the PrioCHECK├?┬« FMDV NS test. By combining these individual tests with the PrioCHECK├?┬« FMDV NS in parallel testing an increase of sensitivity up to 99% was achieved whereas in serial testing the specificity has gone up to 99.99%. A multiplex assay using 6 NSPs (2B, 3B, 3AB, 3ABC, 3D & 3CD) has been developed and validated with the above groups of serum samples. Out of these 6 proteins/peptides 2B, 3D and 3CD were recorded as outstanding and by joining 2B and 3CD protein tests in multiplex assay the best sensitivity and specificity was achieved and were found higher than or similar to the sensitivity and specificity of the PrioCHECK├?┬« FMDV NS test.

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