Journal of Hypertension: Open Access

ISSN: 2167-1095

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JOINT EVENT ON 2nd International Conference on Hypertension & Healthcare and 2nd International Conference on Non-invasive Cardiac Imaging, Nuclear Cardiology & Echocardiography

September 11-13, 2017 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Igor I. Tulevski

Cardiologie Centra Nederland, The Netherlands

Keynote: J Hypertens

Abstract :

Biography :

Igor Tulevski is a cardiologist and co-founder of CCN. In addition to cardiology, his subspecialism is congenital cardiology, imaging and sports cardiology, right chamber overload, congenital heart defects in adults. He is also Chairman of the Supervisory Board of De Sionsberg Hospital in Dokkum and is active in various working groups such as NVVC Work Group Nuclear Imaging, MRI and CT, Pulmonary Circulation and Right Ventricular Function of the European Society of Cardiology and member of the European Society of Cardiology (FESC).

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