2nd International Conference on Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology

Neurological Disorders

ISSN: 2329-6895

Open Access

A Cross sectional study - (2021) Volume 9, Issue 3

2nd International Conference on Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology

Sam vaknin*
*Correspondence: Sam vaknin, South Federal University, Russia, Email:
1South Federal University, Russia


The theme focused on Neuropsychology 2020 is Unleash your research ideas at Neuropsychology 2020.Having you all with us for our Neuropsychology 2020 is a matter of great joy and excitement. We look forward to you all sharing your incredible knowledge, research ideas and to make a sprinkle with new enhancements at this 2-days event.

Followed by the Successful Completion of the Neuropsychology 2019, we are hosting its next edition “2nd International Conference on Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology” in Prague, Czech Republic on September 07-08, 2020.

This time we have introduced some new highlights for our Neuropsychology 2020.

Behavioral Science, Behaviorism and Theories Involved, Causes of Behavior, The Psychology of Brain and Behavior, Children Psychology, Abnormal Behavior, Behavior and Mortality, etc

Neuropsychology 2020 aims to bring all the professionals under all Psychology and Neuroscience fields for our meeting to interact and share their knowledge and their newest research to the entire Nursing Community.

Also, this time, Our Czech Republic Neuropsychology Conference will be a focus destination for the International Psychology Research Societies, Associations, and Organizations. This event will bring together Professors, Students from academia and researchers in the field of Psychology and behavioral science, Government officials and global leaders to interact and share their knowledge in the field of neuropsychology.

The Neuropsychology 2020 event is expecting more than 200+ Participants to enlighten the program. This time the Czech Republic Psychology Conference will organize several Oral and Poster Presentations/Networking Sessions/Workshops/Symposiums/Exhibition as we have introduced several new tracks to bring in more participants.


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