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Vaginism is spontaneous contraction of muscles in women with no defects in the genital organs around vagina opening. The tight contraction of the muscle makes sexual intercourse or any sexual activity that involves the painful or impossible penetration. In vaginism, given the women's urge for sexual intercourse, vaginal muscles contract involuntarily. Usually vaginism begins when women try to have sexual intercourse first. Nevertheless, it often occurs later, for example, when another factor makes first-time intercourse unpleasant or when women try intercourse while suffering from emotional distress. Because it may be painful for the intercourse, women fear it. This fear tightens muscles even more and causes or increases pain when attempting sexual intercourse. A reflex response occurs such that the vagina can spontaneously (reflexively) contract when squeezed or sometimes even just touched. Therefore, most women cannot tolerate sexual intercourse, or any sexual activity involving penetration. Many women are unable to handle a tampon insertion, or have never chosen to try. Most women with vaginismus, however, enjoy sexual activity which does not involve penetration.

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