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Seizure is also known as Epilepsy. A seizure is an unexpected, uncontrolled electrical unsettling influence in the mind. It can cause changes in your conduct, developments or sentiments, and in levels of cognizance. On the off chance that you have at least two seizures or a propensity to have intermittent seizures, you have epilepsy. There are numerous kinds of seizures, which run in seriousness. A turmoil where nerve cell action in the cerebrum is upset, causing seizures. Epilepsy may happen because of a hereditary issue or a procured cerebrum injury, for example, an injury or stroke. During a seizure, an individual encounters anomalous conduct, side effects and sensations, here and there including loss of cognizance. There are scarcely any side effects between seizures.Epilepsy is normally rewarded by prescription and sometimes by medical procedure, gadgets or dietary changes.

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