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An osteotomy is a careful activity whereby a bone is sliced to abbreviate or stretch it or to change its arrangement. It is now and then performed to address a hallux valgus or to fix a bone that has recuperated slanted following a break. It is additionally used to address a coxa vara, genu valgum, and genu varum. The activity is done under a general sedative. 

Osteotomy is one strategy to assuage the agony of joint pain, particularly of the hip and knee. It is being supplanted by joint substitution in the more established patient. 

Because of the genuine idea of this technique, recuperation might be broad. Cautious counsel with a doctor is significant so as to guarantee appropriate arranging during a recuperation stage. Apparatuses exist to help recuperating patients who may have nonweight bearing prerequisites and incorporate chamber pots, dressing sticks, since quite a while ago dealt with shoe-horns, grabbers/reachers and specific walkers and wheelchairs.

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