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Environmental engineering, process development and infrastructure for water supply, waste disposal and all sorts of pollution control. These efforts protect public health by preventing disease transmission, and by preventing contamination and degradation of air, water, and land resources, they preserve the quality of the environment. It was traditionally a specialized field in civil engineering and was called sanitary engineering until the mid-1960s, when the more precise name was adopted for environmental engineering. Environmental Engineering projects involve drinking water treatment and distribution (see water supply system); wastewater collection, treatment and disposal (see wastewater treatment); air pollution control and noise pollution; municipal solid waste management and hazardous waste management. Mathematical modelling and the study of computers are commonly used to test and develop the systems required for these tasks. The process may also involve the chemical and mechanical engineers. Environmental engineering roles include applied research and teaching; project planning and management; facilities design, installation and operation; environmental protection equipment sales and marketing; and the implementation of environmental standards and regulations.

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