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Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry

ISSN: 2380-2391

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A group of related disciplines that focus on Earth's history, systems and resources. Geosciences are investigating all the activities that have shaped the planet Earth. It essentially includes geochemistry, geology, and geophysics. Geoscience is also helping us to confront some of the major issues facing the world today. There are different theories and holistic approaches to Earth sciences. The formal discipline of Earth sciences could embody the study of the atmosphere, the layer, the oceans and the region, because of the solid earth. In order to obtain a quantitative understanding of the function of the Planetary System, Earth Scientists can use tools from physics, chemical, biology, chronology and aritmetic tool. The following areas of research are generally divided into geo-science: Earth science explains the rocky elements and historical history of the crest (or lithosphere). OMICS Group operates more than 700 + peer-reviewed journals, which include a number of top journals; it provides a wider platform for scientists and students to share their views across the globe. Geosciences Journal, a peer-reviewed , open-access journal, publishes original, innovative and high-quality papers; its main objective is to provide authors with a platform for the exchange of their work in the fields of geology, petrology and chemistry, geophysics, engineering geology, structural geology and sedimentology.

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