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Medical Journal In Drug Therapy

Drug Therapy synonymous to pharmacotherapy is a term used to treat diseases. Drug interacts with a receptor or an enzyme to promote healthy functioning and cure diseases. Medications can be taken as oral pill, capsule or liquid form, or injected into tissues or muscles. covers all aspects of theory, research and application of different disciplines about the effects of drugs on Preclinical and Clinical Pharmacology, drug discovery, design ,advances in Drug Safety and Drug Design, Development and Therapy, Human Pharmacology and Drug Therapy, Current Drug Therapy and Drug Targeting. Antibiotics are medicines that fight bacterial infections. Used properly, they can save lives but there is a developing problem of antibiotic resistance. It happens when bacteria change and become able to prevent the effects of an antibiotic. Each time you take antibiotics, delicate bacteria are killed. They can spread to other people & also cause infections that certain antibiotics cannot recover.

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