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Malarial Headche

One of the top online scientific journals in the field of malariology, the Journal of Malaria Chemotherapy and Elimination is. Some of the main prevention steps against the spread of malaria is the use of Insect repellents. Birch tree bark, neem oil, DDT, nepetalactone, Tricyclodecenyl allyl ether are the most common insect repellents. At least two reviewers from the same fields study open-access papers published in this academic journal. The Journal publishes original research papers, review reports, case reports, short communications, etc. Both publishers and revisers are actively involved in peer review and help to complete review within 21 days to ensure high-quality articles. The journal provides scientists and researchers with access to the latest trends and research perspectives as an important educational platform. For find the scientific publication of your interest, please check the list of peer reviews. The OMICS Group is a scientific and online publishing organization that promotes research progress through open access journals and international conferences which are freely available. OMICS Group is one of the world's best open-access publishers with more than 700 peer reviewed newspapers and many expert reviewers and scholars in its editorial board. More than 3000 + International Science Conferences are organized and e-books and other services such as ScholarsCentral are offered annually by the OMICS Group. More than one thousand scientist associations, over 50,000 redactors and 15 million readers have been helped by OMICS Group.

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