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Magnetic Resonance

Carbon Nano Tubes (CNTs) have astounding electrical and mechanical properties. Their Young’s modulus is around 1 TPa, and the rigidity comes to around 11-63 GPa. These exceptional properties make them extremely alluring for cutting edge mechanical applications. At minuscule scope, CNTs have guaranteed brilliant future for Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (NEMS) through the fruitful exhibitions on high recurrence oscillators, rotational actuators, nanometer tweezers and nanometer cargoes. These NEMS gadgets have one of a kind movement capacities that are helpful for a scope of detecting and location applications. The ultraminiature sensors could give spatial goals at the nuclear scale and vibrate at frequencies in the gigahertz run, making them conceivable to quantify the powers between individual biomolecules, powers emerging from attractive reverberation of single turn, and annoyances that emerge from mass changes including single iotas and atoms

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