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The reductionist approach to the study of life forms led to a growing application of physico-chemical concepts and techniques. Most of these studies employed either the surviving tissue model or the cell-free system straight away. An explosion of knowledge brought about the development of molecular biology. Biochemistry became almost synonymous with molecular physiology and also biophysics. But now it is becoming increasingly clear that neither a strictly organismic nor a strictly reductive approach or molecular approach to biological processes would reveal the truth and the phenomenon of everyday life. Biology of structures makes us think everyone lives. Phenomena are emerging properties because of interaction between System components under study. Regulatory Molecules Network, Supra-molecular assemblies, cells, tissues and organisms, Populations and communities form emerging properties each. In the Game Under this unit, chapters of major human physiological processes such as Digestion, gas exchange, blood circulation, movement and locomotion are represented in terms of molecules and cellulars. Les deux derniers chapters Point out the coordination and regulation of organismic events.

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