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Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder at chromosomal level. This condition it is associated with intellectual disability. People with Down syndrome may have variety of birth defects. Chromosomal abnormality is defined as missing the extra portion of chromosomal DNA. The Journal of Down syndrome and Chromosome Abnormalities is an open access and peer reviewed scientific journal that deals with types of chromosome abnormalities, risk of Down syndrome, genetic challenges of Down syndrome, Effects of Down syndrome, Diagnosis of Down syndrome, Study of chromosome 21, diagnostic testing, screening and chromosomal abnormalities like Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, Jacobsen Syndrome, Angelman syndrome, Turner syndrome, 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, Triple X Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Cri du Chat Syndrome, Trisomy 13/Patau syndrome, Trisomy 18/Edwards syndrome, Cat eye syndrome, Fragile X syndrome etc

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