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Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs on each side of your spine, lying just below your rib cage. They remove your body's waste and fluid, level your blood pressure out, and keep your bones strong. They always make sure you have the right amount of minerals in your blood, such as potassium, and sodium (salt). They finally make the hormone that causes your body to form red blood cells. Fistula (also known as arteriovenous fistula or A-V fistula): Under the skin in your arm an artery and vein are joined together. This is done most of the time in the one with which you don't write. An A-V fistula requires a healing time of 6 weeks or longer before it can be used for hemodialysis. This can then be used for several years. A plastic tube is used underneath the skin to connect an artery and a vein. This won't last as long as a fistula. After a few years you possibly would need another graft. With a greft the chance of infection is higher. You'll probably need to visit the doctor more often so he can make sure the graft stays intact

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