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Biopharmaceutics Journals List

In the world of drug development, the meaning of the term “biopharmaceutics” often evokes confusion, even among scientists and professionals who add the world. The word “Pharmaceutics” is defined as a field of science that involves the use, preparation, or dispensing of medicines. The word “bio,” has taken from the language of Greek word “bios,” concerning living organisms or tissues, which expands this field into the strategy of preparing, using, and administering drugs to living organisms or tissues.


Biopharmaceutics examines the relationship of the both physical and chemical properties of the drug, the dosage form (drug product) during which the drug is given, and thus the route of administration on the speed and extent of systemic drug absorption. The importance of the drug substance and therefore the drug formulation on absorption, and in vivo distribution of the drug to the location of action, is described as a sequence of events that precede elicitation of a drug's therapeutic effect.


It can also be defined as the study of relationship of the physicochemical properties and in vitro behavior of the drug after its delivery into the body. The drugs are formulated rationally based on pharmaceutics properties. Biopharmaceutical principles are applied to determine the dose and dosage form of a drug product, which would enhance the delivery of active drug and optimize the therapeutic efficacy of the drug.

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