Bioceramics Development and Applications

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Zuhailawati Hussain

Zuhailawati Hussain
Profesor & Dean, School of Material & Mineral Resources Engineering
Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia


Dr. Zuhailawati Hussain is a professor in Materials Engineering Programme specialized in metallurgy and the dean ofSchool of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). She completed B.Eng in Materials Engineering (1997), MSc (1998) and PhD (2004) in Materials Engineering (Metallurgy) from USM. Her research on new alloys and nano composite materials, modification of microstructure of light weight alloys and advanced welding techniques including spot, friction stir and laser welding are published in more than 100 scientific articles in international and local journals, 4 book chapters and 2 books with 3 intellectual property rights registered locally and internationally. Because of her achievement in research on metallurgy, she is being appointed as a technical expert by MOSTI, Chilean Government Commission for Scientific and Technological Development and the Qatar National Priorities Research Program for grant assessor. She also contributes as editorial boards including for International Journal of the Institute of Materials Malaysia, ASEAN Engineering Journal and International Journal of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering. She provide consultation to industries and government agencies for future direction of advanced metallurgy research related to the manufacturing of new metals and their process technology. She is a scientific advisor for Coraza Systems Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a sheet metal industry located in Penang advising them improving product marketability in Europe. Dr. Zuhailawati also dedicates herself as treasurers in Transkrian Hope Association Malaysia (TRAM) with aspire to improve educational and economic quality of the poor people as motivated by the National agenda, Wawasan 2020.

Research Interest

1. Metallurgy

2. Metal Matrix Composite

3. Metal joining

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