Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering

ISSN: 2165-784X

Open Access

Yang Lu

Yang Lu

Yang Lu
Executive Editor
Research Associate
National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA


Dr. Yang Lu is a Fellow Research Associate in Engineering Lab the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Prior to joining NIST, Dr. Lu worked as a Research Scientist with the Center for Smart Infrastructure at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. Dr. Lu completed his Ph.D. from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech. He graduated with a M.S. degree in Civil Engineering from Tsinghua University, China. Based on his cross-disciplinary education background and extensive project experience, Dr. Lu has developed research in two interrelated fields: Computational Multiscale/Multiphysics Approaches extending from atomic to continuum level for studying the key functional behavior of complex materials, in order to model the failure and transport behaviors of multi-phase porous media; and Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure to extend the service life of transportation infrastructure, and develop renewable energy in the public right-of-way. Dr. Lu has served as the Principle Researcher on a number of research projects and led a multidisciplinary team towards the development of multiscale modeling technologies and sustainable transportation infrastructure. Dr. Lu is currently affiliated with different professional organizations in civil engineering, including ASCE, ACI, ICE, and TRB, and serves on several technical committees.

Research Interest

Multiscale Computational Mechanics: Multiscale modeling of coupled physico-chemico-mechanical processes in multi-inclusion composites and metallic alloys, using combined Atomistic-to-Continuum method 
Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure: Renewable energy development, advanced material characterization and reliability-based design, and sensor-based health monitoring, hazards mitigation



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