Bioceramics Development and Applications

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Xiang Zhang

Xiang Zhang

Xiang Zhang
Royal Society Industry Fellow
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


 Dr. Xiang Zhang, Royal Society Industry Fellow of University of Cambridge and Head of Medical Materials and Devices at Ceram, is one of the leading biomaterials expert in the world.
As a materials scientist, Dr. Zhang undertook his PhD at Cranfield University where he studied nano/micro-fracture mechanics of toughening plastics. After spending a further four years on polymer research for industrial applications, he was awarded an industrial fellowship at the University of Cambridge in 1995.
Dr Zhang has combined academia and industry experiences for over 30 years working in fundamental biomaterials sciences and always applying learnt principles for for healthcare product R&D and manufacturing in the areas:
• Biocomposites: to mimic natural nano materials to maximise the performance of medical devices
• Fundamental Bioceramics: to study and synthesize a new series of hydroxyapatite(HA) -based bioceramics to make HA with new life
• Controlled Release Technology (CRT): to develop new inorganic CRT (iCRT) for Pharma applications
• Biosensors: to employ nanomaterials for biosensing technology

Research Interest

• Hybrid Biocomposites
• Hydroxyapatite Based Materials
• Controlled Release Technology
• Mini-medical Devices – Biosensors
• Bioceramics

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