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Vivencio Barrios

Vivencio Barrios

Vivencio Barrios
Associate Professor
Alcala University, Spain


Vivencio Barrios was born in Madrid (Spain). Consultant cardiologist at the University Hospital Ramón y Cajal in Madrid, since 1992. Medical degree from Complutense University in Madrid and Fullbright Scholarship at Aberdeen University Hospital (Scotland). PhD in Medicine at Alcalá University in Madrid. Associate Professor of Medicine, Alcalá University. Honorary Professor for the Cardiovascular Risk Cathedra, UCAM University. Honorary Professor for the Department of Statistics and Operative Investigation of the School of Mathematic Sciences, Complutense University (Madrid). Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology. European Hypertension Specialist for the European Society of Hypertension. Member of different scientific Societies, Councils and Working Groups focused on hypertension, risk factors and heart failure. Member of the Executive Committees of Madrillan Society of Hypertension of Madrid, Council of Clinical Cardiology of Spanish Society of Cardiology, Working Group on Hypertension of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Medicine and of the Castilian Society of Cardiology. Authored more than 600 abstracts, over 300 papers, and 75 book chapters. Co-authored the guidelines on High Blood Pressure of the Spanish Society of Cardiology and the Hypertension guidelines of the Spanish Society of Hypertension. Research awards from the American College of Angiology, the Japan Foundation of Cardiovascular Research, and the American Society of Hypertension. National coordinator for different studies such as charm, corona, olmebest, Amlodipine add-on, etc… Member of the End Point Committee for the value and the allograft studies. Editor-in-Chief for two National Cardiology journals and member of several editorial boards.

Research Interest

Vivencio Barrios is Interested in hypertension and heart failure, and he also coordinator of several national teaching programs on these topics.


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