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Seiki Chiba

Seiki Chiba

Seiki Chiba
CEO, Professor
Chiba Science Institute, Japan


Seiki Chiba was an Executive Director for Advanced R&D Project Development,Stanford Research Institute (SRI International) till Jan. 2011. He served on SRI for 20 years. Dr. Chiba was supervising advanced R&D programs including Japanese Government projects. Before joining SRI, he worked at Media Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute Technology, as visiting scientist for three years. Now, he is a CEO, Chiba Science Institute.

Research Interest

Artificial muscle actuators & generators, hydrogen safety ,high temperature membranes for hydrogen production.Computer simulation, micromachine, catalysis, fuel cells, conductive materials, R&D Management, artificial muscle actuators, high temperature membranes for hydrogen production, renewable energy, wave power generation etc.

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