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The Art of Steel Structures

Steel Structures: Brilliant Ideas, Advances and Discussions

Using Parallel Computer Systems to Examine Seismic Reliability of Structures

Towards Zero Waste in Steel Industry: Polish Case Study

From Smart Materials to Lifetime High Performance Structures

A Review of Corrosion Control Methods in Ferrocement

Cost-competitive Steel Devices for Seismic Retrofitting of RC Frames: Model Identification and Nonlinear Analysis

Direct Strength Method for Web Crippling of Cold-formed Steel C- and Zsections Subjected to One-flange Loading Martin Dara

Recent Studies on Steel Plate Shear Wall Systems

Case Study on Retrofit of Steel Plate Shear Walls Using Low Yield Point Steel Infill Plates

Time-dependent Composite Effect of the Curved Steel-concrete Composite Beams in Construction Stage

The Impression of Enclosure in Persian Garden Design

EBSD Analysis and Hot Tensile Properties of Pulsed Current Gas Tungsten Arc Welded Super 304h Austenitic Stainless Steel Joints

Risk, Fragility and Reliability Analyses in Structural Engineering

Improvement of Torsional Resistance in Ultra-High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams

Understanding the Adsorption of Quinoxaline Derivatives as Corrosion Inhibitors for Mild Steel in Acidic Medium: Experimental, Theoretical and Molecular Dynamic Simulation Studies

The Impact of Paradise in Persian Garden Design

Structural Analysis of Lattice Steel Transmission Towers: A Review

Experimental Studies on Effects of Sodium Citrate, Calcium Nitrite and Hexamine as Corrosion Inhibitor in Concrete

Mechanical and Thermochemical Studies Using the Experimental Fracture Mechanics Single Contoured-Cantilever Beam Specimen

The Sensible and Insensible Value of the Shazdeh Garden of Mahan

Enterprise Risk Management in Construction Companies: Recent Trend

Structural Analysis of a Cantilever Beam with Tapered Web Section through Fea

The Role and Function of Thermal Insulation in Landscape Architecture

Steel Bracket Connection on Modular Buildings

Alloying of Steel and Graphite by Hydrogen in Nuclear Reactor

LDG: Lateral Design Graph

Behavior of High Strength Steels under and After High Temperature Exposure: A Review

Corrosion of Reinforced Steel in Concrete and Its Control: An overview

Advances of Industry 4.0 Concepts on Aircraft Construction: An Overview of Trends

Occupational Safety Culture of Workers at Shop Floor in Medium Scale Iron and Steel Industries of Punjab State in India: Development of Safety Index

Investigation Effect of Type, Property and Dimension of Stiffener Perforated Steel Shear Wall

Influence of Fly Ash on the Properties of Self-Compacting Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Manageable Surveillance Programme for Reactor Pressure Vessel Materials Current Condition Analysis

Investigation on Strength and Workability at Low Temperature by Using Locally Available Materials

Direct Strength Method for Web Crippling of Cold-formed Steel C- and Z- sections Subjected to One-flange Loading

Performance Base Design of Multi-Storey Steel Structures Considering Dynamic Loads Originated by Geological Agents

Effect of Coconut Fibre on the Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Reinforced Concrete in Marine Environment

Breakage of Automotive Spring Washer during Twist Test: A Metallurgical Analysis

Develop a Method to Estimate the Tension of Torque-Shear High Strength Bolts

Experimental Investigation of Retrofitting Techniques for Steel Bridge Girders Subject to Fatigue Failure

How Tower Cranes Work

Experimental Study on the Steel-Concrete Composite Girder Joint of a Single Pylon Cable-Stayed Bridge

Composite Shear Walls an Efficient Seismic Resistant System for Multi-Story Buildings

Structural Performance of a Hybrid Girder Cable-Stayed Bridge during Rotation Construction

Seismic Performance Improvement of Steel Moment Resisting Frame Using Shape Memory Alloy

Evaluation of Beam-Flange (BF) Bolts on Behavior of New BBCC Connection with Preferred Support in Modularized Prefabricated Steel Structures

Surface Defect in Telescopic Front Fork: A Metallurgical Analysis

Analysing the Principles of Urban Road and Structural Design Effective in Reducing Traffic Accidents and Traffic Amount

Analysis of Bamboo Fibre Reinforced Beam

Research on Distortional Buckling of Steel I-Section Beams

A Review of Causes and Effects of Dispute in the Construction Projects of Nepal

Structural Optimization Assessment for Steel Structures

The Accounting of the Transverse Slides for the Layered Composites

Theoretical Study and Parameter Optimization of CFST Pillar in Cooling Tower

Flooring Systems with Prestressed Steel Stringers for Cost Benefit

Conductive Cables Vibrations Effect on Lattice Steel Transmission Towers

Numerical Study on the Serviceability Performance of Unstiffened and Stiffened Steel Plates

Metallurgical Investigation of Tie Rod used for lifting Ferro-Alloy during Steel Making: A Safety Issues

Emerging Steel Structures and Construction

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