Journal of Health & Medical Informatics

ISSN: 2157-7420

Open Access

Ross Stewart Sparks

Ross Stewart Sparks

Ross Stewart Sparks
CSIRO Mathematics, Department of Informatics and Statistics
University of Natal, Australia


Ross Sparks is a Statistician with over 33 years research and teaching experience at universities and CSIRO. His role is to lead strategic and tactical research projects in CSIRO Mathematical, Informatics and Statistics in the area of multivariate spatio-temporal monitoring and spatio-temporal modelling.  He has published 59 papers in refereed journals (37 in ISI journals with impact factors), 9 book chapters, 15 papers in conference proceedings and 10 articles in trade magazines.

Ross has lectured at the University of Natal, University of Cape Town and University of Wollongong on Statistics and Applied Mathematics before joining CSIRO Australia more than 22 years ago.   He has made a number of research contributions in the areas of (multivariate) process monitoring, spatio-temporal modelling and the handling of (partially) missing data. Specifically, he has contributed to topics in the variable selection in multivariate regression models, outlier detection in regression models, model validation and assessment, quality control and assurance, cluster analysis, dimension reduction methods and disease surveillance.

While at CSIRO Ross has worked as an industrial statistician, in the area of environmetrics, health informatics, and risk - mainly in risk assessment, risk monitoring and modelling.  His recent work focuses on efficiencies in health services and disease surveillance.

Research Interest

His recent work focuses on efficiencies in health services and disease surveillance.


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