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Robert Kopal

Robert Kopal

Robert Kopal
University College for Law and Finance, Zagreb, Croatia


Robert Kopal, Ph.D.; Dean at University College for Law and Finance "Effectus" in Zagreb; University College Professor; lecturer at several university colleges in Croatia, and at CROMA (Croatian Managers and Entrepreneurs Association) EduCare Program; author & co-author of eight books (on competitive intelligence analysis, game theory, etc.), numerous chapters in books of various authors, and more than forty scientific and professional papers; workshop manager and teacher at more than hundred business and intelligence analysis workshops; designer of several specialized IT systems; certified trainer in the area of structured intelligence analysis techniques and SW; SCIP and IALEIA member; held presentations at various national and international conferences; participated in and led a number of national and international intelligence analysis projects.

Research Interest

Intelligence analysis, structured intelligence analysis, creative intelligence techniques, social network analysis, applied game theory, data science & big data.

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