Journal of Health & Medical Informatics

ISSN: 2157-7420

Open Access

Ritesh Kumar

Ritesh Kumar

Ritesh Kumar
Department of Informatics
University of Kansas, USA


Ritesh Kumar earned his Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from University of Kansas, USA. Dr. Kumar’s research focused on developing chemical informatics workbench for insilico screening of inhibitors and structure elucidation of heme binding proteins in bacterial systems. He has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Kumar’s postdoctoral research training involved development of nanoparticles and RNAi therapeutics for cancer treatment. Currently, he is working as a Senior Associate Consultant in Center for Excellence (CoE), Life Sciences division at CT Technology Solutions US Corp.

Research Interest

Bioinformatics, Health and Research Informatics, Biophysics, Genomics, Proteomics, Systems Biology, Structural Biology, Data Mining


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