Journal of Vasculitis

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Renate Kain

Renate Kain

Renate Kain
Klinisches Institut für Pathologie, Austria


Dr. Renate Kain received her medical training at the University of Vienna. She is an expert renal histopathologist and trained clinical microbiologist with a special interest in small vessel vasculitis and extensive expertise in cell biology, biochemistry, immunology and glycobiology. She obtained her PhD from the University of Aberdeen working on proteomic analysis auf antigenic targets in autoimmunity in the world class proteomics department. She made the original discovery of autoantibodies to human lysosomal membrane protein-2 (hLAMP-2) in vasculitis, and has recently shown they are pathogenic. Dr. Kain has previously shown herself to be highly effective in promoting collaboration between research centers throughout the US and Europe. She has several years expertise in managing an independent research laboratory funded through external grant income. Dr Kain has co-ordinated the training programme of the EC funded initial training network TranSVIR led by Prof. Rees and co-ordinated the EC funded project INTRICATE.

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