Molecular Biomarkers & Diagnosis

ISSN: 2155-9929

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Pranjal Chandra

Pranjal Chandra

Pranjal Chandra
Amity University, Medical Diagnostics Laboratory Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Uttar Pradesh, India


Dr. Pranjal Chandra has done M.Sc in Microbiology, M.Tech in Biotechnology, and Ph.D on the thesis “Development of Electrochemical Biosensors for Cancer Diagnosis Based on Conducting Polymers and Nanomaterials”, under the guidance of Prof. Yoon Bo Shim from the Institute of Bio-Physio Sensors Technology, Department of Chemistry, Pusan National University Busan, South Korea. Dr. Chandra is interested to merge the applied aspects of biotechnology, nanotechnology, electroanalytical chemistry, and molecular biology to address the problems of biomedical significance and diagnostics. His specific research is in the development of novel diagnostics methods for cancer cells, DNA, RNA, and bio-markers detection using nanobiosensors microchips. Dr. Chandra has published over 25 research article in reputed scientific journals. He is recipient of prestigious Brain Korea -21 fellowship and National Research Foundation fellowship of South Korea. Dr. Chandra is also an editorial board member of various international journals such as; World Journal of Methodology, Journal of Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Journal of Analytical & Bioanalytical Techniques, Journal of Bioanalysis & Biomedicine, Journal of Biotechnology Letters, Advances in Computational Research, Journal of Research in Microbes. Dr. Chandra research work has been highlighted in the “News Rx” News Letter, USA; Blog of Royal Society of Chemistry, London; Royal Society of Chemistry "Chemistry World news", London; High Beam Research Magazine, Europe; Biotech Week Magazine (USA and Canada); Renewable Energy Global Innovations, Canada; Global Medical Discovery, Canada. Currently he is Assistant Professor at Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, India.

Research Interest

Clinical Diagnostics (Cancer cells, DNA, RNA, and bio-markers).
Biosensors and Nanosensors based on biological phenomenon. 
Microchips and Microfluidic / Integrated devices.

Recommended Conferences

World Biotechlogy Congress 2020

Barcelona, Spain


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