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Pavani Malla

Pavani Malla

Pavani Malla
Assay Researcher, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Oregon Health and Sciences University, United States


Ms.Pavani joined Oregon Health and sciences in Feb 2017, has been a part of leukemia research investigating resistant mechanisms in Philadelphia positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She was responsible to drive the project and successfully establish a pathway which was driven by amino acids as one of the reasons for resistance acquired for Venetoclax over time. She currently is a part of a Biomedical Engineering lab working on fluorescent imaging technology to establish effective combinational therapies to leukemia patients. Her work mainly focuses on immunotherapy and small molecule combination which prove effective in improving targeted treatments in patients with leukemia. Ms. Malla previously worked extensively on prostate cancer where she worked on epigenetic pathways involved in castration resistant prostate cancer, she worked on establishing ACK1 as a Kinase epigenetically driving the transcription of AR gene and hence acquire resistance to enzalutamide.

Research Interest

Cancer Biology and Biomedical Drug Discovery

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