Molecular and Genetic Medicine

ISSN: 1747-0862

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Pasquale Parisi

Pasquale Parisi

Pasquale Parisi
University in Rome, Italy


Professor Pasquale Parisi is the Head of the Section of Pediatric Neurology (Chair of Paediatrics, at Sapienza University in Rome, Italy) at NESMOS Department, and a professor of pediatric neurology at the University of Rome, “Sapienza”, at Faculty of Medicine & Psychology”, Rome, Italy. He has published in Pub Med over 220 articles (many of them as “Invited Editorial” or “Invited Review”) on child neurology, and is on numerous editorial boards for Journal with “impact factors”, such as “The Journal of Headache & Pain” and others;

Research Interest

Professor Parisi′s main areas of research are pediatric epilepsy, headache, and behavioral neurology.

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