Journal of Lung Diseases & Treatment

ISSN: 2472-1018

Open Access

Nicolini Antonello

Nicolini Antonello

Nicolini Antonello
Professor of Pulmonolgy
University of Genoa, Physiotherapy School, Italy


Antonello NICOLINI MD, is currently working as a Chest physician, Director of Respiratory Diseases Unit ,Hospital of Sestri Levante – Italy and as a Chief in ALS Center - Chief in Asthma Center Hospital of Sestri Levante,Italy. He is a Professor of Pulmonolgy at Physiotherapy School , University of Genoa, Italy. He Authored  103 scientific articles published in Italian and International Journals. He is acting as a member of Editorial Board of the International scientific journals of high repute. He reviewed many scientific papers. He is actively contributing towards the scientific advancements.

Research Interest

Pulmonary Diseases, COPD, Immunological diseases and Interstitial lung diseases, Pneumonia and infectious lung disease,s Respiratory Critical care, Bronchiectasis, Asthma and allergic diseases, Severe asthma Rehabilitation and chronic care, Non invasive ventilation


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