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Journal of Lung Diseases & Treatment

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Lung Inflammation and Treatment

Inflammation is an essential component of many lung diseases. Lung inflammation can refer to irritation and infection of the lung.

  • Pleurisy: The pleural sacs become inflamed that condition called pleurisy.
  • Pneumonia: The lung tissue itself becomes infected, usually due to bacteria. It is one of the main reasons for lung inflammation.

Lung inflammation can lead to the formation of a lung abscess, a pus-filled cavity surrounded by inflammation, or an empyema, a collection of pus in the pleural space. Both these complications are very serious conditions that need antibiotic treatment, and maybe even surgery to remove the abscess or drain the pus. Another extreme consequence of pneumonia is acute respiratory distress syndrome, which can be fatal. The lung's air sacs fill with fluid, and the respiratory failure ensures. This complication has a high fatality rate and requires a patient to be in an intensive care unit, receiving aggressive treatment including receiving extra oxygen with the help of a ventilator and antibiotics.

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