Journal of Tissue Science and Engineering

ISSN: 2157-7552

Open Access

Mykola M. Salkov

Mykola M. Salkov

Mykola M. Salkov
Department of Spinal Neurosurgery
Regional Hospital and Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy, Ukraine


Salkov Mykola Mykolaiovych graduated Dnipropetrovsk medical institute in 1994. After internship training graduation, in 1997, he started work at the post of doctor-neurosurgeon of territorial centre of emergency medicine. From 1999 up to 2007, he was working at the post cerebral neurosurgery doctor-neurosurgeon. Since 2007, he has been working as neurosurgeon in the department of surgery vertebral column and spinal cord. Employment experience in the same occupation is 21 years.

Research Interest

Сerebrospinal fluid rhinorhea, The spectral scan of brain and spinal cord tumours, Spinal injury, spinal cord injury, spinal surgery.

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