Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering

ISSN: 2165-784X

Open Access

Mohammad Alsheyab

Mohammad Alsheyab

Mohammad Alsheyab, PhD
Executive Editor
Research Consultant/Ass. Prof. of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Dr. Mohammad Alsheyab holds a PhD degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, he’s got international experience in teaching and research gained from his work at Universities and Research Centers in United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Jordan and Qatar. His areas of expertise include the use of advanced and sustainable technologies/solutions for environmental management, including Water and Wastewater Treatment, Solid Waste Management, Climate Change, Carbon Capture Storage and Utilization, Cleaner Production, e- Waste and Alternative Energy.

Currently he holds a position of senior expert of environmental development and strategic planning with the Ministry of Development planning and Statistics in Qatar, before that he served as Technical Program Manager of Civil and Environmental Engineering withQatar Foundation -R&D where he was part of the team to design and implement the R&D policies and initiatives of Qatar Foundation in the field of Energy and Environment. He managed numerous funded projects at all levels of funding programs such as NPRP, JSREP, UREP, GSRA, PEDRA and CWSP. Dr. Alsheyab was leading the research portfolio of Qatar’s grand challenge of Water Security including Water Reuse and Recycling, Desalination and Water Management. Also he was responsible for research projects into Climate Change and Carbon Capture Storage and Utilization, Sustainability and Waste management, pavement and construction among others. Currently he is on a secondment as a consultant with SIDRA, where he brings in an intensive experience in research management including developing national research strategies, designing funding programs, pre and post-award processes, grant management, research evaluation, progress monitoring, outcome evaluation and knowledge transfer.

Research Interest

Advanced and sustainable solutions for environmental management,

Water and wastewater treatment and management,

Waste treatment and management including municipal solid waste, hazardous waste and e-waste,

Air pollution and climate change , carbon capture, storage and utilization, Cleaner production and circular economy.


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