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Miroslawa Ferens-Sieczkowska

Miroslawa Ferens-Sieczkowska

Miroslawa Ferens-Sieczkowska
Department of Chemistry and Immunochemistry
Medical University of Wroclaw, Poland


Dr Mirosława Ferens-Sieczkowska is an Associate Professor In the Department of Chemistry and Immunochemistry, Medical University of Wrocław, Poland. She graduated with honors from the Science Division, University of Wrocław, and received her PhD in Biochemistry from the same University in 1983. During her work in the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Wrocław (1983-1995), she focused her interest on plant biochemistry, especially the structure and function of plant lectins. Since 1995 she is appointed in Medical University of Wrocław and her research turned into the field of glycobiology. Dr Ferens-Sieczkowska is interested in protein-carbohydrate interactions and the impact of altered and impaired glycosylation on disease etiology. She takes an advantage of her experience in lectin biochemistry to apply these proteins as tools for glycoprotein profiling, and connects data from mass spectrometry and carbohydrate-lectin interactions for elucidation of glycoprotein structure. Dr. Ferens-Sieczkowska completed some research trainings in the Universities of Lille (France), Munich (Germany) and Padova (Italy).

Research Interest

Protein-carbohydrate interactions in fertilization, seminal plasma proteome and glycome in male infertility

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