Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering

ISSN: 2165-784X

Open Access

Michaela T J Bray

Michaela T J Bray

Michaela T J Bray
Cardiff University, Lecturer, Hydro-environmental Research Centre, School of Engineering, UK


Michaela has worked in Civil Engineering in both research and industry. As a graduate engineer she was employed by consulting engineers, Buro Happold where she gained experience in coastal defence design and steel structure design. In addition she has experience of working for contracting engineers Chrisiani & Nielson with whom she worked on site in the construction of Avon Ring Road. After working with Buro Happold, she pursued a PhD at the Water, Environment Management Research Centre (WEMRC), University of Bristol. Her research topic focused on the use of weather radars, rain gauges and numerical weather prediction models for hydrological purposes. As a research assistant she has worked with the on
1) EU FP7 SPRING project ‘Scoping China’s Environmental Research Excellence and Major Infrastructure: Foresight, Potentials and Roadmap
2) Flood Risk Management Research Consortium and
3) collaborated with a commercial company, Landmark investigating the commercial use of weather maps.
Michaela was appointed Lecturer at Cardiff University January 2001 and is a member of the Hydroenvironmental Research Centre, headed by Professor Roger Falconer. Since moving to Cardiff, she has become involved in Climate Change Consortium for Wales. In this project Michaela uses a state of the art atmospheric model (WRF) run on the HPC at Cardiff to downscale climate scenarios which are used to investigate hydrologic responses.

Research Interest

Michaela’s research interests cover numerical weather modelling, remote sensing, climate change and hydroinformatics.


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