Journal of Biodiversity & Endangered Species

ISSN: 2332-2543

Open Access

Masahiro Kato

Masahiro Kato

Masahiro Kato
National Museum of Nature and Science Herbarium, Japan


Dr Masahiro Kato has received his PhD in Kyoto University during the period of 1977-1982. Currently, he/she is working as Director in National Museum of Nature and Science Herbarium. He has successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities as Lecturer in University of Tokyo. He /she is serving as an editorial member of several reputed journals like Bulletin of Japan Pteridological Society, Journal of Plant Research, Bulletin of Japan Society for Plant Systematics, Journal of Phytogeobotany and Taxonomy, Plant Morphology.

Research Interest

Evolution and morphology of Podostemaceae (river-weeds)
Evolution of epiphytes


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