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M Balasubramanyam

M Balasubramanyam

M Balasubramanyam, MSc., M.Phil., PhD
Dean of Research Studies and Senior Scientist
Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, India




Research Interest

Disease Biology; Molecular pathogenesis of diabetes and its vascular complications including diabetic retinopathy; Vascular Biology and signaling studies on VSMC; Clinical significance and subclinical relevance of cellular and molecular alterations in metabolic diseases; Mechanisms of accelerated senescence (ageing) and telomere biology; Insulin signaling & Proteomics; Epigenetics; RNAi and miRNA, gut microbiome (metagenomics) and metabolomics aspects of diabetes, Unraveling mechanisms of hyperglycemic memory, Calcium & Redox signaling, Proinflammation, Oxidative stress, ER stress, AGE pathway and biomarker(s) identification; Role of Endocrine Disruptors in diabetes; Bioprospecting herbal molecules; Complementary medicine including molecular benefits of Yoga; Non-invasive point-of-care (POC) clinical measures and medical devices.


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