Irrigation & Drainage Systems Engineering

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Luciano Mateos

Luciano Mateos

Luciano Mateos
Minnesota State University, Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, Spain


Luciano Mateos, Agricultural Engineer and PhD by the University of Cordoba, is a research scientist at the Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (Spanish Council for Scientific Research) in Cordoba, Spain. He has more than 25 years of research experience on irrigation engineering and hydrology. He was post-doctoral researcher at CSIRO (Australia) and visiting scientist at the University of California-Davis and the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations, in Rome, Italy. His research has been disseminated through extension papers, computer applications, multimedia tools and more than 40 papers in indexed journals. L. Mateos has supervised 10 PhDs and has been consultant to international agencies in many technical assistance projects in developing countries (Africa, America and Asia).

Research Interest

Water and soil conservation
Water management practices
Large watersheds
Irrigation schemes
Small agricultural catchments

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