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Linus Zhang

Linus Zhang

Linus Zhang
Associate Professor
Lund University, Sweden


Linus Zhang is Associate Professor in Water Resources, Department of Water Resources Engineering (DWRE), Lund University, Sweden. With a B.Sc. in Hydrogeology & Engineering Geology, China. 1982, He received his Ph.D. in water resources engineering at Lund University in 1991. He has since then, being working in fields of hydrology and water resources. He has long term experiences in research and development of water resources management in both developed and developing countries. His main international experiences are mainly from following countries: China, Germany, France, UK, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and Iran.

Research Interest

Integrated water resources management
Arid-zone hydrology
Water saving in agriculture
Advanced hydrological modeling
Unsaturated zone hydrology

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