Cardiovascular Diseases & Diagnosis

ISSN: 2329-9517

Open Access

Larissa A Lipskaia

Larissa A Lipskaia

Larissa A Lipskaia
Department of Cardiology
Mount sinai Hospital, USA


Larissa Lipskaia has a broad background in cellular and molecular biology with specific training and expertise in cardiac and vascular physiology in small animal model. As a postdoctoral fellow at Henri Mondor Hospital (Creteil, France) she has created and explored several transgenic mice models with cardiac expression of different isoforms of Adenylyl Cyclases. At the Paris XII University (Chatênay-Malabry, France) and Paris VI University (Paris, France) she has explored the role of calcium signaling in vascular smooth muscle proliferation. At Mount Sinai School of Medicine (New York, USA) she expanded her research to include small animal model of cardiac or vascular disease. As PI or Co-investigator on several previous grants, she laid the groundwork by developing transgenic animal models or animal models of cardiac and vascular disease, by developing of virus vectors and by extensive experience in gene transfer and physiology of cardiac, vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cells.  

Research Interest

Role of sarco/endoplasmicreticulum calcium ATPase (SERCA) isoforms in regulation of calcium homeostasis and calcium regulated transcription pathways in normal and diseased coronary and pulmonary vessels, as well as in cardiac and skeletal myocytes


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