Cardiovascular Diseases & Diagnosis

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Global Summit On Heart Congress (2020)

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    Early recognition of heart remodeling using imaging biomarkers

    Fatih Yalcin

    Heart failure (HF) is a progressive process and gradually remodels heart tissue. In this course, we previously documented “predominant myocardial LV base and diminished regional LV basal cavity volume in LVH using real-time three dimensional imaging and predominant septal wall with blunted systolic regional function in myocardial performance analysis compared to free wall documenting that the importance of regional morphologic as well as functional features in remodeling process of heart failure. We also used exercise in hypertensive individuals as the external stressor using combined tissue analysis and exercise stress test to evaluate their adaptation and determine blood pressure and heart rate increase under stress for rate-pressure product representing hyperfunctional myocardial energetics in the early stage disease.

    To test and validate our clinical findings, we have planned microimaging studies. Therefore, we have detected ”focal hypertrophy of LV septal base (basal septal hypertrophy, BSH) is the early imaging biomarker of pressure-overload stress leading to heart failure.”  Very recently, we have validated BSH with HYPERFUNCTION by a small animal study using 3 rd generation microscopic ultrasound. 1,2  As the conclusion, early imaging biomarker, “BSH may support to early diagnosis of remodeling and effective medical therapy in a timely fashion.”

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